one for the punch.

chapter eleven : the tale of five


it all begin with a dream,
one, just one dream,
democracy or just crazy?
whatever you called it,
i found myself soon elated to its prospects.

who would have thought?
and with sheer incidental,
democracy found its way back to class,
demos and kratos,
the very fight for the first week was won.

and by the second week,
myth and tales begin to unfold,
and it spread its wings
and uncover stories,
long told before time immemorial.

what was installed for the third,
could no less be than what would be
on everyones lips till life's end.
i have a dream, he said
and that very question remains,
do you have a dream, do you have a dream today?

only leading it to the fourth.
four was always the special,
and the fourth bound much,
from hands, to feet,
and from eyes, to lips,
only to show that we need each to work,
for no man was an island.

five, significant five.
for five when back to one.
one fundamental understanding of love,
and what ' i love you' really meant.
that they may see the love of a father or mother,
through their works.

one, it only takes one choice to love,
one decison to make it, or break it,
one made the difference.
it had to go back to one.
thus, from five, it lead back to one.
because one makes the difference.

i educate, that you may see,
and that you may understand,
and finally that you may stand for your rights.
i do not teach, but show an alternate
to a way to live.

for like the end of each shows,
all great show must eventually conform itself
to the falling of the curtain.
this show is ending,
and every ending needs to go out with a bang.

the decision remains with you,
the ending of the show is your's to determine,
so, would you end it on a high,
or simply a low note?
for at the end of it,
one decision made,
makes the difference.

for my friends in alpha, beta, delta, gamma, omega, pi, and sigma

chapter ten : this beautiful madness


listening over and over to their disharmonies,
the rush of the breeze felt to my chest,
i grasp to breath, and the world spun,
awkward as it maybe,
the candle rekindles its flame,
a light sprung forth, and it dims again.

i felt missing.

i reached over, as i limped,
in my attempt to shelter the light,
the need for colour and warmth.

struggling, just a fight to overcome,
i held its foot, bend tightly my sore arms,
refusing to release, and not until,
a glimpse of it.

what art thy name, it asked.

then, it raised my arms,
and left,
not before it strucked me blissfully.

and i lay there motionless,
in its serenity,
i utter,
what a beautiful madness.



stop, stop, stop. Just stop.

pause, and see that it is beautiful.
it remains beautiful, don't you see?

no, you do not see.

look, just look.
stare if you have to.

but of all things,
be mesmerize again,
of its forgotten beauty.

yes, beautiful indeed,
is this life we live in.

our everyday walk.

so pause, just pause.
and take time to remember.

Selah ( Hebrew: סלה) meaning "pause, reflection",
within the context of a prayer or psalms, is similar in purpose to Amen
in that it stresses the importance of the preceding passage.

chapter nine : i feared


i picked up a gun and shot,

what i feared most has now fallen
but the fear remained

the irony of it all remains
that he feared me not
and not until i pulled the trigger

he was not the monster
but i
the monster of my own creation

and now i stand shaken
as i slowly fall to the ground
and my body hits the floor

the trigger pulled
and the blood flowed
as i took my last breath

it was me that i shot
for that fear consumed me

i feared colour
i feared another
i feared the other colour.

" I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to
the starless midnight of racism and war that the
bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.
I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love
will have the final word. " Martin Luther King

" Racism is man's gravest threat to man -

the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. " Abraham Joshua Heschel

chapter eight : reawakening love


books after books
stories through stories
"and they lived happily ever after" they said
while it seems a common end remains determined

when once, that vow was sacred
i do, he said
and she did likewise

but words made vows
and as it always do
words fail to stand
though the test of time

now, time fades
and what had seemed eternal
has now conformed itself
to each tick of the clock.
where art thou love,
when its needed?

Can 'you' be found?
Is there ever 'you'?
Or is it just the fragments of my mind?
Whispering hope, do you hear?
From the solitude of hopelessness.

A melanchony of sounds overwhelms,
And 'you' seem so distant,
Or is there ever 'you'?
For glimpse of 'you' is eroding.

'You' shall be god's plan,
The very perfection inplace,
A search for 'you' is futile,
For no man's competance could bear such fruit.
Can 'you' really be found?

Be it not a dream O Lord,
For the depths of search be far me,
The search is your's,
For 'you' be found,
Be my heavenly bliss.

- reawakening love.

chapter seven : colours, i see


:: for 9 / eleven.

chapter six :: a four letter story for katie


past the point of no return
standing post on a tower watch
a soldier from nowhere looking at a distant
and a glimpse of life seems to pass away.

a fight for morality has broken its way
with something up the road
leading to a finer day
a walk of shame through these days
will be a thought of yesterday
as we fight our wars for today.

and he said
i have a dream
that one day my children
will not be judged by the colours of their skin
but the content of their character.

he had a dream,
i have a dream.
a four letter story for katie.